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Our Mission: To allow users to create and share visual ideas online, easel.ly.

About Easel.ly:

Launched in 2012, Easel.ly has quickly become the go-to site for users to create eye-catching, informative, and fun graphics on the web. Traditionally, making infographics in order to share things like statistics, lesson plans, and business presentations took time, money, and graphic design skills, but Easel.ly has made it possible for anyone to design their own custom infographic in minutes. The best part? It’s free.

What is Easel.ly?

Easel.ly is a website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online. Using the site is as easy as dragging and dropping design elements, and users can either choose a template from our extensive library, or they can upload their own background image and start from scratch. Over 300,000 users have already registered with Easel.ly, and thousands of infographics are produced using the site every month.

Who Uses Easel.ly?

Easel.ly is ideal for educators, students, business owners, and executives who need to convey a thought, lesson plan, or concept in an easy-to-follow visual form. In fact, in 2013 Easel.ly was honored to receive the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Award from the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). The AASL commended Easel.ly for being user friendly, intuitive, and simple enough that even a child in the 6th grade could successfully navigate the site and design their infographic without adult assistance.

Easel.ly has been featured on a multitude* of technology and education websites and blogs, and the site is rapidly becoming the premier destination to create custom infographics online. If you’re looking for an easy way to convey your visual image in a professional, flashy style, look no further. Get started with Easel.ly today!

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  • Flypaper

    i have an issue with an infograph i just created. i saved just a few moments ago logged out so i can see what it looks like, when i logged back in everything is just scattered

    • Flypaper

      never mind i just fixed it by reapplying the background.

    • Send an email to support@easel.ly and include your username and we can take a look at the issue for you.

  • NikNat

    Hello – I’ve noticed you’ve not provided any detailed information about the copyright on the infographics (‘templates’) that can be manipulated. If I use a template on Easel.ly to make my own infographic, do I have to give copyright to the creator of the original download I took it from – what is the copyright policy? Can I put an infographic I make on here on my own website, should I credit Easel.ly?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Your free to use your infographics however you please. You don’t have to credit us, but we’d love it if you did :)

  • taylorwalsh

    Is there a limitation on the length of an info graphic? I don’t see a setting, for any dimensions. Also, where is the Center-Text option?!

    • We do limit you on space. We hope to allow you set your own dimensions in our next update scheduled for June.

      • taylorwalsh

        OK. Is that limited indicated? Some templates appear to be a little longer than others.

        • Some are mobile themes that we stretch a little :) Next month we should have this update out to everyone, sorry to keep you waiting on this one.

  • nrosenblatt

    I would love to use this in my classroom, but my classroom is iPad based. Will there be an app in the near future?

    • We’re working on when we might have something available. Do you guys use the iPad mini in your classroom?

      • nrosenblatt

        I have a class set of iPad 2s and there are several other carts throughout the district as well. Some students bring their own devices and those include everything from minis to Droid tablets to Kindles.

        • This is very helpful to us. We actually are hoping to release an app soon for the iPad.

  • Da Silva

    It does not work the button “Save”

    • Go into the designer and hit F5. You need to clear your cache, we made an update to our service last night and it seems like you need to refresh.

  • Guest

    Can’t save work all of a sudden??

    • Go into the designer and hit F5. You need to clear your cache, we made an update to our service last night.

      • Ann P

        Did that – still not working :(

        • Can you try logging out and then back in again? Then hit CRTL F5 where you do the editing.

          • Ann

            AHA – That worked!! :) Many thanks for the quick responses! :)

          • laurenwelty

            I have tried all of these things you recommended and it still won’t let me save or download. Help!

  • donna kerfoot

    I am trying to add a hashtag to my text but whenever I use the # sign it actually comes up as No. is there a way around this?

    • donna kerfoot

      No one else has experienced this?

  • eaprokes

    I saved my work before logging out but when I logged back in the background of my infographic shifted and I can’t get it to move back to it’s original position. All of my objects/text did not shift. Please help.

    • This has now been fixed for you.

  • A heim

    I just lost all my work is there any way to get it back. would not save

  • Brock

    I was working on drafting an infographic and during my work, the download option on the main menu bar disappered. Is there a way to get it back?

    • This is very odd. If you go into the designer and hit F5, does it show up again? Open a new infographic in case something happens.

      • Brock

        I tried that and tried logging out and logging back in and doing it as well. I just sent an email to support@easel.ly with a screen grab and login. Its very odd since I used the function yesterday about 5 times without issue.

  • Amy

    I lost two hours worth of work because the save function quit working and hitting F5 didn’t work. Please develop an auto-save!

  • When I go to “Create an Infographic” there is nothing on the page except an advertisement? How do I get started?

    • Name

      You need a newer browser. I had the same thing…will not work with IE8

  • Aldana

    Hi! I don’t remember my password and you never send me the email with instructions for creating a new one. I need to continue my infografic!!

    • send a mail to support@easel.ly and include your email that you registered with and we will fix your issue

  • Michael Burkhart

    When I go to “Create an Infographic” there is nothing on the page except an advertisement? How do I get started?

  • tirrel

    hello. I cant edit text in chrome and firefox, I have an HP Slate 21, a powerful android computer, is it posible to do it in android browsers?

  • Austin

    I am uploading large photos to the canvas and formatting graphics on top of the photo. When I download the photo, it gets automatically resized and made smaller. Is there a way to ensure that there is continuity between the size of the photo I upload and the size of the same photo when it’s downloaded?

  • Anastasia

    Hello) Is it possible to save high quality pictures?

  • Facebook User

    how can I eliminate the grid lines when I print a jpg version?

    • Did you download the image to your desktop through the download option within the designer?

      • Facebook User

        yes, I did, using the High option.

  • Rosa

    Hi there! Is there a way to delete any of my unwanted visuals? Also, where do I find the nice graphics/pictures I often see on other templates? Most of my upload images have white backgrounds and don’t “blend” into the template. Thanks in advance!

    • You need to go to the home screen and then under your visual select “Share” once under share you can select “Delete”.
      We currently don’t allow you to edit uploaded images and we only have available the images currently in the libraries on the site.

  • KD

    Please help – when i am in the creation tool my document looks great – all lined up and ready to download. It saves well and when i leave to go to the home page to share the visual shows the graphics and text all out of line and it downloads as that incomplete view. how can i download the exact image i see in the creation tool?? Many thanks!

    • Can you send me your login so that we can have a look at your account? our email is Vernon@easel.ly and we will get this sorted out for you

  • Lexxus

    Hello, I was working on an infographic for the past 3 hours and repeatedly hit save. I recently went back to download it and everything i created changed and I am left with what I started with three hours ago. I still see my finished product but when I go back into edit it its not there. please help me fix this.

  • Kristine

    How can I duplicate a whole infographic so I can create a similar one?

    • What you can do is just save your infographic under a different name and it should copy everything for you.

      • Kristine

        Oh, Yes! Thank you so much for the fast reply. I am on a tight timeline. Thanks!!

  • Amanda Zaleski

    The SHAPES tab is broken– you cant click over to the to the other two pages…

  • Kshitij

    How do you guys make money? Is there a ‘premium’ version?

  • Julie Wyne

    Hi, how do I wrap text in a text box at the bottom of my infographic? It shows up as a single line and goes off the page. Also, how will I know whether I have reached the capacity on dimension. I am trying to elongate a template, and it is letting me do so, but I am unable to put my text there. Thanks.

  • Yusuf

    Hi,I returned to do more work on my infographic today and to edit it. Unfortunately it just loaded a blank canvas & I have lost all the work I had done previously on it. Is it possible to restore it to before today’s blank canvas? The id is 1404907709. Thank you.

  • Marie Lachaud

    What are the conditions of use of graphics that I created? Where can I find the conditions of use? Is that it is free of copyright?

    • Your free to use them as you please and their are no copyright issues. We would appreciate it if you mentioned our service where ever you use your infographic.

  • Kim Lewchanin

    I LOVE this site! I just created a infograph to use as my class rules/expectations for incoming students. I wish I could make it work on the iPad. We are a 1-1 school where all students have iPads. Any chance you are working on an app for the iPad? OR–what can be done to the present site to allow it to interface with iPad?

    • Watch out for an email from us in the next 2 months :)

  • Gail Kono

    I just finished two Infographic pages…had several copies of the first page. I deleted the duplicate but now I can’t find the second page. Is there a way to recover the second page that is missing?

    • Can you send the request to support@easel.ly , we also need your username to do any type of recovery.

  • Gail Kono

    Lost an infographic page that I just finished. Is there a way to recover the page?

  • Chris

    I am trying Easel.ly and am having a problem . My infographic is in portrait and somehow the background is in landscape. I was trying to change the color of background and must have changed the shape. The color would not change though. How do I get the background back to portrait and how can I change the color.

    • Go into backgrounds and you should be able to switch it back by using the right size. You can also drag the right hand corner to resize the image if needs be. If you have any problems, let us know support@easel.ly

      • Chris

        Thanks for your quick reply Vernon. The backgrounds button did not work but dragging the corner did. I think I will also get better the more I do.

        • Nice! Hopefully it won’t take too long, otherwise we might be failing :)

  • Hi
    is there a way to show the embed code so others can share?

    • You could just post the code underneath your graphic?

      • Hi Vernon
        Ive done that but if it gets passed on again, the code doesn’t automatically come along with it.. which kind of defeats the purpose.

        Any other ideas?


  • Paul Lin

    I made my infographic, but lines and images went off when I downloaded it in High quality. theres no problem in low quality ones tho. Anyone can help?

    • Send a mail to support@easel.ly and we should be able to get you sorted out. We will need your login I’d so that we can look at the issue.

  • felicity_a_c

    Hi, I can’t scroll through the symbols and it looks like there are no female icons that are not ‘sexy’ – is there a reason there’s no icon of the traditional figuse with a dress?

    • Are you using a latest version of your browser?

  • Rosatinsight

    Hello, i’m having problems when downloading my infographics in high-def and pdf format. the text stays in place but the lines go all over the place and the all thing just looks like a total mess. is there something that can be done to fix this?

    • Can you send a mail to vernon@easel.ly with the URL to the infographic that you get within the designer.

  • Hi, I been trying for 2 hours to upload images, and I can’t! I tried different sizes and still can’t do it. Can you help me? Maybe with some tip…

    • Are you using an older version of IE? I would suggest that you use Chrome or Firefox as they give the best experience using our tool.

      • No, I use Chrome and I tried with firefox also :(

        • hummm. Can you send me the file and your username to vernon@easel.ly and I will see what’s happening.

  • tfcgrain.kga@gmail.com

    Hello, please help me. How can i download my visual on computer?

    • You download it by going to “Download” from the menu item in the designer.

      • I don’t see any option for downloading in the menu. OK, wait – when you click on “share” there is an option for downloading a low quality version. This needs to be clearly explained somewhere in an FAQ maybe? It’s not a menu option, rather a function of the share feature, and rather tricky to locate.

  • Bala

    Hi, Do you have dynamic charting options? I would like to understand whether I can use data from excel sheet to create charts in Easel.ly? Thanks!

    • This is something we hope to add very soon. At the moment you will need to create your chart in Excel and then create an image of the chart and upload it to your infographic.

  • Graeme Douglas

    Hi, this is great free software. I’ve made a graphic that I’m quite happy with. Thanks for offering it free.

    I do have one significant problem, though. Elements of my graphic change when I download it. Specifically, some of the bold text is no longer bold and the shadow on some of the text goes in the opposite direction than it does in the editor. Is there something I can do to fix this?

    Also, I saw that you have asked people who seemed to have similar problems for their login. I logged in through Google+, though, so I can’t give you that information.

    Can you help?

    • Sure can. If you send the URL of the infographic when your in the designer to us, we can access it. Send the URl to support@easel.ly and we will take care of it for you.

      • Graeme Douglas

        Hi Vernon, thanks for your quick reply. I need to run the graphic by my team before we finalize. I’ll send it over to you guys when I get the OK. Thanks!

  • alice bayles

    who owns the infographic once you create it? Also are all creations shared on this site or can you keep it private?

    • You need to share the infographic for it to become public for everyone to see. You own your infographic.

  • how can i find an infographic i created that may have been accidentally overwritten?

  • Charlotte Andrews

    How do I change the colour of an icon from black to white?

  • Lisa

    How can I download a high definition infographic. I only seem to be able to do low definition

    • You need to go to the Download menu that’s within the designer. You should see High res and PDF as further options.

      • Lisa

        thanks heaps

  • Courtney Aquino

    i dont know where my work had been saved. help please.

    • Did you create an account and save your work?


    How can I drag out the icons objct? It doesn’t seem to work!??

    • Are you sure that your using the latest version of IE or Chrome or Firefox?

  • Help! It won’t save my infographic. I’ve made new edits/changes, then tried saving it under a different name. Nothing’s working.

  • Cosmolytical

    Hi! Forgot my password and keep trying to get the instructions for a new one send. Doesn’t happen. Help! Cannot get to my graphic!!! Thanks!

  • Senka

    Hi, Do you know when your infographics will be back up? I am afraid that I have lost the one created and the website has been down since yesterday. Thank you!

    • So our site is working just fine. We also haven’t had anyone complain about it being down. Are you sure everything is alright on your end?

      • Senka

        Hmmm…when I click on infographic it says “Website is updating. We will start coming soon.” I’m not sure what’s happening. Do you think that using Mozilla is the problem?

        • Can you hit F5 and see if that fixes the problem? We updated our servers last night so that might be a reason why you could be having an issue.

  • Artem

    upload image not working
    chrome, firefox,opera and ie

  • jing

    Why I can not see the download button?

    • So if you hover to the left over “home” or “clear” you should be able to see it within the designer – that’s if you can’t see it as a menu option already. We plan to fix this in tonight’s update to the service.

      • jing

        I can see the download button in this morning, but now it is gone.

        • Can you come onto the site and talk to me in the chat in the bottom right corner?

    • Guest

      like this

  • andrea

    I need help immediately. The site is freezing when I log into an existing file.

  • Rik van Oijen

    When downloading hi-res images or PDF the objects scramble or at least are not aligned according to my canvas (or the low-res image).

    • Could you send me the link to your work? I just need the URL when you are in the designer. Please send it to vernon@easel.ly so that I can reproduce it.

    • I also have the same problem and it persists whatever I do. tried to log off and enter again. Seems there is no cure. Hi resol. jpg and PDF download leads to scrambled icons and texts, everything is messed up. Also sometimes the object just freezes on the canvas and you cannot click on it or mark it.

      • Hi , Could you please send your issue into us support@easel.ly and we will take care of it for you?

        • marielle

          I have emailed twice and got no response here. I need this fixed immediately, meaning today. It is displaced on both sides

      • marielle

        im having the exact same issue. words scramble if i try to download as high res or pdf. the

  • Rik van Oijen

    Also is there a possibility to delete images from your “personal” stream?

  • Rik van Oijen

    And finally a tip, can there be an align tool? When working with a lot of elements the auto-align is sub-optimal and causes it to align to the wrong element sometimes.

  • Julie

    Currently trialling several apps to design a number of pdf docs that will eventually be attached to our website. Love the look of easel.ly but need to know if it would be a suitable option for us. Can anyone advise please? Can your designs remain private?

    • Hi Julie,

      All your designs stay private by default. If you need any help, just send me a mail and I will get back to you. vernon@easel.ly

  • cant put a text box

    how do i insert a text box?

    • You could draw a text box? Most people just use the lines to represent a text input field.

  • wenikisan

    How can I delete inforgraphics I’ve created?

    • You can do this by going to the “Share” menu under each visual and then selecting “Delete”

      • wenikisan

        Thanks Vernon!!

  • Balqees

    How can i share something with someone through gmail?

    • So just mark your work as public (under share) and then just send them the URL when you are in the designer.

    • Balqees


  • SK

    Hi there, when I download the infographic there are still the faint grid lines in the background… I obviously don’t want this. Also, I am using the image of the house (blue with red rooftop) the windows don’t seem to display once downloaded. Help please!

  • Pat Bass

    Is it possible to hyperlink on the infographic?

    • Afraid not. We’re planning to add this functionality very soon.

  • Valentino

    Is there any way to recover a deleted infogram?

  • Annie

    Unable to upload images. Anyone else having that issue?

    • It’s working just fine. Could you send me a mail (vernon@easel.ly) with the file you’re trying to upload and I will investigate the issue for you.

    • Ashley

      did you get this resolved? I am having the same issue

      • It might be because you’re using an older browser version. If you could use Chrome or Firefox it can help matters.

  • Mai Bjorklund

    When I click download, nothing happens regardless of resolution or format.


    • Could you send a mail to me vernon@easel.ly so we can talk offline and get this resolved for you.

  • Eleanor Ikard

    How do I make text centered? I cannot figure it out!

  • Sue

    I see that the pie chart function is color and functional. The bar chart and line charts are greyed out, and are not functional. Is that something I’m doing wrong, or is that part of the chart feature being brand new and the bar and line charts aren’t up yet?

  • Kathy Goldstein

    If I “Go Pro”, would that include my group that I have created in the subscription?

    • Yes, we will upgrade all the students accounts for that teacher. So 1 teacher pays 24USD and all her students go free. We need you to contact us to get this pricing vernon@easel.ly

  • Ashley

    Hi- I was just using Easel.ly yesterday and now today when I tried to login to my account it says that my email address is not registered?! Who do I contact to resolve this issue? I have saved projects that I need to access ASAP.

  • Shilpa D

    Question: to sign up for pro, I don’t see the link being https nor is there an option to use paypal. Will there be an option to sign up for pro securely anytime soon? Thanks!

    • So we use Stripe as a provider so it’s very secure in that we don’t store your information on our servers.

  • Na

    Hi. I work in the Republic of Korea, Seoul, Teacher Training Institute. This time, the development of e-learning content, courses for teachers. I want to insert the contents of a brief introduction to the content of your website. Do you mind?

    • You can use all our site content for whatever means you please. Your free to use everything!

      If you need any help or more content, please send us an email vernon@easel.ly

  • Sayed Omer

    How can I center the text of right-left allign?

    • You will be able to do this in a few days, we’re working on a way to fix this as we speak.

      • Many thanks. This would be great, especialy when using in Asian/Arabic languages and right-left texts.

  • Colleen M Iacianci

    An email I received says students can get a free pro membership. How can I sign up for this?

    • You need to have a teacher who signs up for a pro account. Once the teacher signs up for an account all her students get upgraded automatically. You can upgrade your account here: https://www.easel.ly/proaccount

  • Gurkan

    Can I try pro packet? I need more shapes than now but you have written only “1000’s images”. I wonder quantity of shapes.

    • The 1000’s of images aren’t shapes. They’re mostly illustrations that you can add to your work. You can see all the categories that we have currently by looking under objects. We don’t allow free upgrades primarily because the free version should be enough for you to know whether or not you want to go pro.

  • shnon

    I cannot login to my account although I registered and it’s saying login doesn’t exist. PLEASE HELP! I have a project due in 2 days, and I saved all my information!!

    • Please send us a mail with your email address that you registered with so that we can get you fixed up! vernon@easel.ly

  • Britain


    • Why won’t it let you save? Can you send me an email vernon@easel.ly with some more details and I can help you out. Try and hit F5 we just did an update to our servers and I’d like to see if that may have caused the issue.

  • Takeshi

    Hi, I am a Japanese language teacher and created an infographic using easel.ly, but when I try to download it or create a PDF for it. The Japanese characters don’t show up. Any help?

  • grace

    I have an account and my username and password are not working. I tried to change my password but it said that the email i put in does not exist.

  • Melissa

    GM I need to speak to a customer service rep. I need some additional information before I can place an order.

    • Hi Melissa, you can contact me over email vernon@easel.ly and I can answer any questions you may have.

  • Hi, I am new to Easel.ly. I noticed that you are offering the infographics at a very best price. However, I have some queries and there is no information available on your website.
    1. Anybody who visits this website does not get a fair understanding about this website. Because the information is very minimal. I could not figure out if this is a free or I have to pay for it.
    2. I got to know about PRO version only through the link you provided in introduction email. Otherwise there is no way.
    3. Even for the pro version, you mentioned that there are 1000s of images. Thats all……… no further description about the so call many fonts or 1000s of images.
    4. It would be easier for everyone if you provide a comparison of what PRO version and free version features.
    5. I also noticed that your infographics are colorful. I am now using free version and could not figure out how to change the color of an object (if this is a PRO feature, at least that should be mentioned). Otherwise user feels lame.
    I look forward to hear from you about these.

    • So the site is free, we only charge for extra fonts and images – we are seen as the easiest software to use and the best currently. You should see the “Pro” button at the top of the page when you first login.

      We’re working on making things a little more simpler to understand and we will defiantly take your advice on board! If you have more feedback or would like to talk to me, feel free to send me an email vernon@easel.ly and we will take care of you!

  • Jerry Roth

    Is it possible to upload an externally created infographic for viewing in the Easel.ly gallery?

    • Not at this moment and time. You can recreate it using Easel.ly and make it public.

  • Stephen

    Can I use this software to make an A1 infograph?

    • Sure you can. Remember to download it as a PDF and then you scale it to the size you need through it’s printing options.

  • Brandon

    Hello, is it possible to use this software to make an A0 infographic?

  • Jackson Landers

    is it possible to delete old infographics if so how

    • All you need to do is go to “Share” underneath the infographic and scroll down and hit delete.

      • Jackson Landers

        thanks i will try

  • Patrick Lee Richards

    can you hyperlink images in easel.ly?

    • Not at this point. We hope to in the future.

      • Patrick Lee Richards

        thank you so much for your help

        • We plan to do something in the space very soon.

  • Anna

    Is there a risk that working online, my documents are available for public use?

    • Everything is kept private unless you choose to share your content.

  • Tammy

    I just changed my user name and password and lost ALL my visuals!!! I was able to restore the three I worked on today by hitting the back arrow on my browser until I could save them. All the others are gone! Is there a trick to getting them back? I tried logging in using my old user name and password and as I would expect, it does not work. HELP!

  • Anna

    When downloading hi-res images or PDF in its original form can not save – the elements are shifted relative to the canvas in the online display.

    Please, explain me:
    – What is the difference – incorrect display online (I work in Google Chrome), or the fact that it beats when downloading?
    – Is it possible to somehow work around this bug in the free version?
    – Whether the situation is similar in the paid version?
    – Can уou promise that the transition to the paid version will be able to avoid the problem?
    – Can you make allowance for the offset or I should try to work through a different browser?

    • Can you send me the Url of your work so that we can get this fixed for you? Vernon@easel.ly is my email account.

      • Anna

        I have sent a letter by e-mail but you still haven’t answered me

  • Misha Mehmood

    how can i import an image into the infographic?

    • You need to use the upload button and it will let you.

      • Roopal Chaturvedi

        I did upload multiple images using the upload button, however i cant find them anywhere. Where can I find the images I upload?

        • Can you make sure that the image filename is short and not super long? Normally that’s the issue here. If that doesn’t work, send me a mail and I will look into it for you vernon@easel.ly

  • Christy True

    I frequently can’t save my work. The site just gets stuck and I have to leave the tool. This happens in all browsers. Would really like to support this concept but I’m losing too much work to rely on it. I have a Pro account.

    • So what are you doing that you can’t save? Have you got any adblockers installed? What type of device are you using?

      • Christy True

        I clicked on save, and there was no response. When I closed out of that canvas and came back, none of my changes appeared. I’m using IE 10 (but also tried Chrome and Firefox), on a PC running the newest version of windows. No popup or ad blockers that I can see. Today, I was able to save, but could not upload any files using IE.

        • So IE really sucks, try keep to Chrome. Can you send me a mail so we can talk more and I can take a look at the issue. Vernon@easel.ly is my email and I’d love to get to the bottom of this.

  • Jessi Blackwell

    Hi! I can’t seem to find a “How To” or “FAQ”- but my question is how in the world do I make a paragraph!! I use the text box feature and it just creates one big long line of text that I can shrink or enlarge. Do I have to make multiple text boxes to make it appear as a paragraph? I hope that it is not obvious and I am just missing it. : /

    Thank You!!!!

    • You can only make a paragraph by creating a new line (hit Enter) within the existing textbox. Were planning an update in the next week or two that will allow for this task to be a little easier :)

  • Becca

    I accidentally deleted a visual today and need it back. Is there any way I could recover it?

    • Afraid not, we don’t do backups of deleted infographics.

      • Becca

        Ok, thanks anyway.

  • pariii

    how can i add an image of my own to the infographic? the “upload” option doesnt work,it browse and yet didnt uploaded my image:(

    • Sorry for only replying now. Are you using an old browser like IE8? What you can do is send me an email vernon@easel.ly and I can take a look at the issue for you, also send me the image your trying to upload.

  • Tudor

    Can I download something that I created and use it in a project at my university?

    • You sure can! It’s free of charge as well and not water marks :)

      • Tudor

        Thank you for your fast feedback. This applies to both, free and pro accounts, right?

        • Sure does!

          • Tudor

            Ok, thank you again for the complete clarification.

  • carol

    how can i download my visual ???

    • So you go into the designer and select from the “Download” menu.

  • Florence

    I clicked the undo button, and work I had done days earlier was completely erased. After I had retyped all I had lost, easel.ly froze. I can upload images, or create a textbox, but I cannot move items or save what I have done. Help!!!!

    • Do you happen to have the URL to your work?

  • Susan Oehlertz

    I have created several infographics using your site. However, the one I am working on and need shows up in My Visuals. I see the picture – I need to open it and continue working on it. When I open it, it is all gone. I did not save it like that. I am 100% sure. Please help. I have a project deadline I need to meet.

    • Hi Susan

      What you can do is when you open the infographic, go to “Save” and then select “Last Saved”, it should restore your work to the original.

      If it doesn’t work, send me a mail to vernon@easel.ly and I will look into it more for you.

      • Susan Oehlertz

        Thank You!

  • Emma Friday

    I got an email saying the Pro account free for students. Is this true? If so, how do I find that option when I’m trying to upgrade? I didn’t see that option on the Pro page. Thanks!

    • Terka

      I was wondering the same!

    • same here!!

  • Guest

    Hello, I reopened my visual and the background had shifted. I can’t move it back and I tried loading the last saved version, but the background stays shifted. Please help!

    • Sorry this has happened to you. Could you send the URL of your work to us, my email is vernon@easel.ly

  • Karo

    When I add a shape (circle, rectangle, etc.) and reajust the opacity/change the color, there is a part of the image that stays darker then the rest (like a darker border, only it is not exactly on the edge of the image). How can I fix this? Thank you!

    Here’s an example: http://easel.ly/infographic/2fn3a2

  • Emmanuel Colliot

    Is there a way to chat with someone on the easel.ly team?

    • I’m on the live chat if you would like to talk more. Just go to the homepage and I’m in the bottom right.

  • Steve Purnell

    My saved infographic will not reload?

  • Daydrah B

    I am trying to create an account so I can crate an infographic for a presentation. I keep getting error messages. HELP!

    • We had an issue with our servers this morning and registering people, you should be good to go now.

  • Guest

    My students can not create an account for Easel-ly today…..they just get an error message

    • Everything should be working now, we had a problem with the service.

      • Beth Gentrup


  • Sarah

    I see a question about this below, but I don’t see a response. How do I wrap text (I think that’s what it’s called) so that the font is legible in a differently-shaped box? Currently the text box just extends laterally outside of the infographic margins. I would like the box to be a long rectangle (up and down-wise), but the text just gets squished and illegible when I re-shape the box. Thanks.

  • Laura

    In the app, how do i send graphics to the back or bring them to the front so they can be layered?

  • I have searched your website but I really cannot understand the difference between a free and a pro account. A little help…?

  • Heidy Isabel

    how do i add a different shaped text box other than the one that has one line???
    i need answers like today :/

    • So you can just hit Enter within the same text box to create a new line. We plan to release a new more powerful text control within the next day or so.

      • Heidy Isabel

        okay thanks :)

  • InquiringMindsWonder

    are my saved infographics viewable by public or just me?

  • Emily

    Having some trouble entering the #hashtag symbol in the textbox. Showing up as N instead. Any insight on this one? Thanks!

    • So if you change the font type it should work, try Verdana.

      • Emily

        Totally worked; thanks a million!

  • Kemi Rodgers

    Hi there, when downloading my visual it has cramped everything together so now things are overlapping. It wasn’t like this on the design screen!

    • Hi Kemi,

      Could you send me your visual so that I can go over it? vernon@easel.ly

      • Kemi Rodgers

        Hi there, sorry I fixed it! Turns out the zoom was automatically at 120% and that only applies to the canvas, so when it exported at 100%, everything else was kept at the same size. Thank you for your reply though!

  • Paula

    I can’t seem to access the tutorial vidoes, are these available anywhere else (such as YouTube)?

  • Sally

    Hi there. My infographic crashed and when I click on the earlier saved version, it loads up but I just have a blank screen? Please help – don’t really want to start it from scratch!

  • Bisola

    Some of my text and images aren’t editable. They are stuck at their position on my canvas. How can I unlock them? I think I double-clicked something by accident.

    • So try closing your infographic and then opening it up again. It should work then.

      • Bisola

        Yeah that’s what I did. It’s working now. Thanks.

  • McKenzie Shuman

    I was editing my easelly project and it froze. I left before saving it (I had previously saved the file, but didn’t want to save the edit that froze it), and when I clicked on it to edit it again, it was completely white. I’ve tried to access it several ways, and it is still white. I shows up on my screen, and when I share it, it shows what I have done. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Could you send me an email vernon@easel.ly and I will take a look at it for you. I need the URL attached as well.

  • Terézie Rychtaříková

    Hi. I would like to upgrade my account, wherein I create infographic for National Institute for Education in Czech Republic, but I have to make an order for department of economics, so I need invoicing information of easel.ly. Where can I find them? Or can you send them via email? Thanks

  • Lauren Kipp

    I am unable to save. I think it has to do with the images I uploaded. The image shows on the page but when I clip the upload button it looks like the image hasn’t actually finished uploading. Is there a way around this?

    • HI Lauren, Could you give this another go and see how you get on?

  • Jennifer Argáez U


    I can’t save my infographic and I can’t download it either. I’m working with Google Chrome explorer :( Can u help me?

  • Icíar

    Hello! I have to do a 50×70 cm poster and I don’t know how many pixels I should use. Could you help me?

  • Jess Carlisle

    Can I export a visual that I have made as a file rather than a hyperlink?

    • So you need to use the embed code to make the links work. Images generally don’t have hyperlinks.

      • Jess Carlisle

        Sorry, not quite what I meant; I meant being able to save the file to my computer as a j.peg or pdf – but I think I have figured out how to do that via download. Thanks anyway!

  • Vrushali

    How can I change the background of the infographic? I want to change the background colour from white to brown.

    • We don’t allow you to do this just yet. You can only do it by dragging a color from toolbar.

  • mc

    Hi, Is it possible to create a custom, reusable, private theme?

    • Sure is. by default your work is private. You can reuse your theme by simply renaming your infographic when you save it. Let me know if you need any other help!

  • Supriya Kopf

    Will the pro version allow you to embed web inks into graphics? I haven’t had any luck doing this with the free version. I managed to insert a link but when I downloaded it as a .jpg, it was not in the graphic.

    • So to view your links you must embed your graphic on your website. Images that are download don’t contain hyperlinks because they can’t technically :)

      • Supriya Kopf

        Thank you.

  • ingrid.yijing chen

    I can’t add any shapes in patterns. help!!!

  • Erica Richardson

    I need to speak with a customer service representative to cancel my go pro subscription. I have had it for less than 2 weeks. It’s awesome but I do not need it for a full year! Also, I am a student and it says students get the pro account for free anyways. Is there a number I can call to speak with a representative? Thanks!

  • noah

    how do I talk to live support

  • Hil C

    How do you rotate text?

  • Eugene Nechai


    Is it possible to put an image inside the shape? I mean is it possible to set a custom background for a circle, for example?


  • Tiffany

    On the app, when I upload a photo it only gives me a section of that photo. Why is that?

  • Leanna Partridge

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  • Mary McGregor

    Hi there, How many free Easel.ly infographics can be created and downloaded under a Free account?

  • Carlos

    The page froze and I lost my work… Is there any way to get it back? I use the free version… please it’s urgent

  • sudedar mourya
  • sudedar mourya

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