Infographic Content JSON Format

This page describes JSON format (or schema) which all infographic creation or alteration (update) request “content” field values have to comply with. Below is a sample of such infographic content:

    "id": "",
    "objects": [
        "tag": "texttag",
        "type": "textbox",
        "text": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...",
        "fill": "#ffffff"
        "tag": "imagetag",
        "type": "image",
        "src": ""

Infographic Objects Format

Infographic content is a JSON array containing the canvas ID and objects. Each object or element describes individual field of that infographic.

Common Object Fields

Each infographic must contain an id (canvas ID). Each object must contain a field tag (e.g., texttag or imagetag) and type(e.g., textbox or image) which identifies the object tag and data type to be displayed. Each object may contain text, fill or src depending on the object type.

Field name Type Field description Field sample
id String Canvas ID
tag String Object’s tag to identify which information to be modify texttag; imagetag
type String Indicates object’s data type textbox; image
text String Indicates object’s label or text detail Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...
fill String Indicates object’s color in hexadecimal format #ffffff
src String URL to the object’s image

Tagging Objects or Information

Insert the object or information in the canvas and click TAG icon in the toolbar menu.

Name the tag accordingly.

To confirm if tag has been successfully added, click on the object or information. The tag name should appear as seen in the illustration. © Copyright 2018