Infographics are a medium where less is always more. We’ve said it before; the only area you should overindulge in is when you collect your facts and resources. 

The adorable tumblr “Tiny Infographics” has produced numerous infographics that keep this principle in mind. They waste no space in illustrating an issue. Each infographic draws a comparison between two figures.  With two colours and two labels, it’s hard to miss each infographics big point.

1. Chicken outnumber us by a wide margin

chicken pop v people pop

2. The USA’s GDP is the same size as its debt

americas debt v americas gdp    

3. More people have smartphones than people have access to sanitation facilities

smartphone owners v people lacking sanitation facilities

4. We produce more than enough food to feed everyone – twice

global food v population

5. We waste nearly a quarter of the food that is produced

world food production v world food waste

6. Nearly half of the people in the US congress are millionaires

American congress and millionaires

7. The stark contrast between the richest 1% and the poorest 50%

owned by wealthy v owned by poor

8. The population of France is equal to the number of people pushed to poverty by the 2007 financial crisis

poverty caused by financial crisis equal to pop of france

When these infographics appeared on Reddit, user Ftlguy88 created a couple more that illustrate the disparity between US Military Spending and NASA’s budget.

9. The USA’s military budget versus NASA’s budget

ftlguy88_1_americas military spending vs nasa

10. The US spends less on NASA than they do on air-conditioning for the military

ftlguy88_2_americas military spending on airconditioning vs nasa

BONUS: The cost of food and health for all ($20B) is equal to the US army’s air-conditioning costs
(via the Tiny Infographics Tumblr)

cost of food v US military airco


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  • inservo

    what a bunch of bullshit. Politically motivated graphics that share no true meaning. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe that most of the numbers are true, but these are not infographics, that’s just a bunch of bullsh*t. Complex comparisons need much more clarification than just these two sizes… Very disappointing from you Easelly.

    • castillowcr .

      You point is well taken but need you to swear to say it? This is a public forum where your educated opinion is welcomed but not in an offensive manner.

    • Melkiades

      Inservo, the only thing that is disappointing here is the lowliness of your comment. These figures say what they say, nothing more and if they make some people think and search deeper, then the goal is achieved. They’re not ending a discussion, they’re starting it.

      • Nicely put!

      • Noopur Tripathi

        Honestly, these Infographics are so thoughtful and have such simple elegance.
        I’m inspired by these. That’s all I feel. Inspired. :)

        (Well I just saw I’m commenting on this thread after 2 years. Still Inspiration stays)

        Thank you for sending this to my mail. I’m glad I came to this page.

    • We’re just trying to highlight different ways of presenting data – nothing else.

  • Melkiades

    Excellent work, thank you for posting this!

  • xxsabre

    Very interesting data.

  • bello!

  • marcelle

    @inservo:disqus you are unnecessarily rude for no reason!

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