Below are some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Select “Groups” from the top right.


3. Select “Create a group” , you should see the form below.

Infographic Groups

4. Insert a group name
5. Insert a user name and select “Add” – repeat for as many users as you want to add to the group.

Infographic groups6. Now select “Create” – You should see the form below.

Infographic Groups

7. All the users you just created now have the password: “YwMPaUEc”

So “AdamPane” is the user login and his password is “YwMPaUEc”

8. If you want to add new users (“Admin”) or see all the infographics in the group (“View Visuals”) – just select the “Groups” option again and you will see the group you just created.

Infographic Groups


See this post on how you Join an Infographic Group

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  • Ked

    I have tried everything but groups won’t work. After setting up my classes with their usernames, I posted the specific link and password on the class website so they could join. It sounded so great. However, both classes the link goes to There is nothing I can do to make it work. Maybe I’m just dumb but I have followed the instructions step by step. My website page.—grade-7

    • I just sent you a reply to the support request that you sent in. Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Ked

        Wow! I can’t believe I got a reply on a Sunday night! Thanks for your quick reply. I replied to the email.

  • Annna

    Hello. Does easel allow people to work on the same infographic? e.g. could they work on the same infographic at the same time but on different computers? like how you can both work on documents on google drive

    • Not at this point in time. We do plan to offer this functionality in the future but it’s a couple of months out at this point. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Irene

        Has this happened yet? I want my students to work in groups on the same infographic but different sections? Please post instructions page link. Thank you.

        • It should be next month. Are you guys in urgent need of this feature? The hope is to have it perfect before the school season starts.

          • Irene

            Woohoo, next school year is just fine. Will this be a paid service or available in the free sign up? Thank you.

          • It will be part of the free version.

  • chris kroner

    Why can’t we just see the most recent rendering in groups? As the students save over the course of the week multiple copies of their infographs appear. It would be helpful to filter by date.

  • Marsha Spiker

    Can I change the group password? it would be easier for students if I made a simpler one for them to log on

    • We’re planning on making it easier and I totally get you about the password. Hopefully over the next week or two we will reduce the amount of characters we use.

      • Marsha Spiker

        Any update on passwords?

        • Yep. So instead of 9 characters now that users have to enter we made it only 5. So when you setup a group now, users will only need to enter 5.

  • Allen Macfarlane

    I inadvertently created three groups instead of just one. Is there a way to eliminate two of the three groups?

    • So if you go to “Groups” and then select “Admin”, you can then select “Delete” group. Let me know if you have any other issues.

  • Shannon Greene

    When I look in the view visuals I see all the drafts of the infographic I just made, not just the one I saved. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? Can I delete them all?

    • Hi Shanon,

      Could you send me an email so I can see your account?

      • Shannon Greene

        Did you get my email? I never heard back. Will try again…

  • Paul Cheney

    I am trying to use with my high school students, but as they are working on it right now, infographics that they completing and saving are being distorted or deleted when they leave the app (or it closes suddenly) and come back to it. Versions that have been saved are not available. One student can access his infographic through a computer (and my computer), but it’s not there when we go through the app. My students are very frustrated right now.

    • Hi Paul,

      Could you email me so that we can talk offline about these issues and I can also work through them.

      • Paul Cheney

        Will do. Thanks for the quick response!

  • Daood

    I don’t want all my info graphics shown in a group that i have joined. How do I do that?

  • nancyjones

    i am having a problem with one of my groups ( haven’t looked at the rest) it appears aai have 20 copies of the sample infographic i created as a model.

  • Cappy Russell

    Is there any way I as a Group Admin or my students as users can limit the infographics that appear in the Group? When my students joined the Group, infographics they had done in previous classes popped up automatically within the Group. It makes for a confusing gallery.

  • Betsy Wilkening

    I just set up a group

    2015STEM2659. When I click on “View Visuals” it brings up a visual 1430947646 that is not part of our group. Plus it shows all the intermediate versions of the one visual I created. Is there a way to only display the visuals in our group along with only one copy of them?

  • Laura Parris

    When I click view visuals for a group it shows all of the visuals I have created. I only want it to show the visuals for that group. Is there a way to do that?

  • Mike

    How do you leave a group?

  • Charlotte

    I accidentally joined another students infographic. Is there a way for me to get it out of My Infographics without deleting it?